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Celebrate Any Occasion with Outdoor Accent LED Lighting Fixtures!


Outdoor Accent LED Lighting Fixtures


Outdoor lighting adds beauty and colour to your home and yard. Many people love to light their gardens for summer barbecues or decorate their houses for Christmas and other holidays. If you want to add accent lighting to your outdoor spaces, consider installing permanent outdoor LED accent lighting fixtures by a professional service provider. This beautiful lighting style is versatile and can be installed just where you want it. With an easy to use smartphone app, you can easily illuminate pathways, highlight a special feature, or create colourful displays in your backyard.


Outdoor accent lighting can be combined with permanent LED lighting installed on your house to display a wide range of colours. These strip lights can be programmed to create patterns and movement, and you can adjust the brightness and speed of movement to suit your purposes. Control your lighting with a remote, or with an app on your smartphone: it couldn’t be more convenient!


No More Hassle

Traditional outdoor lighting is fairly work-intensive. There are several considerations when installing exterior lighting. You have to make sure you have enough cord to reach a power source safely. Burnt-out bulbs, match strings of light likely need changing. Lights have to be put up and then taken down as the seasons change. Permanent LEDs eliminate all of this hassle! With professional installation and long-lasting permanent outdoor LED technology, you’ll have years of many years of light and colour. Most reputable firms offer five-year warranties, but most customers report long-term use before LEDs need replacing. Even if you do experience a problem, a simple service call can have the lights up and running perfectly again quickly and easily.


Stay off high ladders and stop untangling those long strings of lights! Permanent LEDs provide instant and convenient holiday cheer as well as light for many other occasions.


A World of Possibilities

With permanent LEDs, you can celebrate any occasion. Are you having a pool party? Light up the deck and backyard with colour. Is it Canada Day? Bathe your home’s façade with red and white in honour of the true north, strong and free. Is it the birthday of someone special? Celebrate with sparkling light! And if you like to put up a Christmas display, you can expand your options exponentially with home lights along the roofline. Alternate between traditional green and red, cool blues, or festive multi-coloured lights. Make them flash, chase, blink, pulse, or rotate through a variety of colours.


You can also use permanent LEDs to cheer for your favourite team. On Grey Cup Sunday, go blue and white for the Argos, or black, white, and gold for the Tiger Cats. During the NHL playoffs, show the neighbourhood who you’re cheering for with a quick update on your smart phone app. It can be a lot of fun to run the lights along with the game, sending them blinking whenever a goal is scored.


If you prefer, you can opt for classic white, highlighting your home’s architectural features. LEDs can run for approximately twenty years with six to eight hours of use per day. They are far more economical than traditional lights because they’re extremely energy efficient. Or you can choose to turn your LEDs off – at which point they become virtually invisible.


Learn more about permanent outdoor LEDs, and light up your life!